Urban Dynamics works on a large scope of topics and issues of urbanisation. We operate within the active spatial planning system, elaborating designs, plans, studies, articles, workshops or debates. We are active in various activities of academic research, education or professional visits. We work together with people from different fields, as historians, architects, landscape architects, traffic engineers, researchers, politicians, and organisations, as design offices, consulting firms, municipalities, universities.

Our practice is everywhere, in various urban contexts, in our talks, designs and writings. Our look is multiple, recognising the beauty of urban complexity. Our approach is simple and open – knowing that urbanisation is a continuous and collective process – and focused on practical and realistic solutions. Our intention is to contribute in every project, plan and process with full dedication, energy and knowledge.

In time of permanent changes and uncertainties, the urban environment is fluid and opens many possibilities. This dynamic world – with flows and interactions of all kind – demands intelligent answers, where questions and analyses are equally important as solutions and proposals, both on the short and long term, and beyond the scope of a singular project. Finding and adding extra layers and meaning to our living environment.

Our challenge is to see, understand and explore existing realities and imaginary possibilities. Where each project – design | planning | research | reflection – demands a proper approach, within a specific and generic framework, based on its actors, its space scope and its time spectrum.

We are Urban Dynamics: Daniel Casas Valle and Vincent Kompier.


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