Move/Sport design principles

Good space for sport, play and physical activities are essential for healthy environments. In order to link the world of ´sport and play´ with the world of ´spatial planning´ the ´Knowledge Centre for Sport & Physical Activity´ developed a document with spatial design principles, based on both academic and best practise examples. The model is based on three motivations of movement types – 1. active dislocation (mobility), 2. intensive physical activity (sport and play spaces), 3. daily movement (all public space, recreation) – and shows the spatial potential for various ´movements´ on three scales: A. street, B. neighbourhood and C. living place. A juridical chapter is also part of the publication (nieuwe omgevingswet).

Daniel Casas Valle contributed to this project as main author, at a conceptual, textual and illustrator level.


Project: planning, research | Client: Kenniscentrum Sport & Bewegen | Team/authors: Martijn van Eck, Daan Hollemans, Daniel Casas Valle | Year: 2020-now