For the central railway station area of Apeldoorn, Daniel Casas Valle participated in an intensive workshop to have a moment of reflection on ongoing initiatives and developments in this area. The method of ´research by design´ was applied to map new possibilities in the area. The follow discoveries were made: 1) see streets as green park spaces, 2) make enough lively places and quite places as well, 3) use temporary initiatives also to invest in long-term structures, 4) create conditions for walking and biking, and reorganise the parking programme, and 5) link the station area with its surroundings and with the recreation landscape at the scale of the regional.


Project: design, reflection | Client: Apeldoorn municipality, BNA ontwerp onderzoek, Vereniging Deltametropool | Team: in collaboration with Pinar Balat (Studio Pinar Balat) | Year: 2021