ARCO NW-Portugal


This project studies the spatial structure of the enlarged Porto region, the Metropolitan Arc of the North Coast. It includes analyses of existing structures and description of spatial characteristic for all the area, on several themes: main road infrastructures, public transport system (bus), geographical structure, urban structure, urban morphology, building typologies, landscape types, ecology networks, water systems, statistical data (INE), working patterns, and population indications. The elaboration of this project was a collaboration of various persons and organisation, from several disciplines.

Our contribution was the elaboration of various maps that represents the territorial structure of the ARCO NW-Portugal.



Project: planning, research | Client: CCDRN; Faculty of Architecture University of Porto (CEAU) | Team: MDT/CEAU/FAUP: Nuno Portas, Manuel Fernandes de Sá, Teresa Calix, Nuno Travasso, Ana Silva Fernandes, Daniel Casas Valle, Jacopo Feslikenian; Marta Labastida (EAUM), Sara Sucena (UFP), Virgílio Borges Pereira (FLUP/FAUP), António Figueiredo (Quaternaire Portugal) | Year: 2012-2016