Lyon street-road

Once a construction of progress, now a battle of space: the motorway A6/A7 that crosses in the heart of Lyon. A space between local and global, between pedestrians and cars, between fresh air and noise pollution. It crosses the urban core of the Lyon region, linking North and South France with each other, and, in parallel, creating a serious social and spatial fracture for citizens and visitors at a local level. These serious frictions between these two worlds needs to be re-balanced.

For the right bank of the Rhône, two workshops were hold to have a critical look to the actual car-oriented space and search for social and green alternatives, for other uses and public space design. In August and October 2021, Daniel Casas Valle was part of the team with international experts.


Project: research, reflection | Client: METREX, Eurocities, Grand Lyon, Urbalyon, Lyon municipality | Team: in collaboration with Paul Lecroart, Joan Caba,  Sonia Lavadinho, Frédéric Héran, Henk Bouwman, Lise Pedersen, Sébastien Rolland, Claire Boisset | Year: 2021