Sport in the City


Sport in the city is a design research on the spatial possibilities of sport in a multifunctional, compact and urban environment. The research explores the spatial integration of sport facilities and the mixing of sport with other functions. Is it possible to reinforce sport inside urban environments, instead of excluding it due to the large space utilisation or because of the absent of attractive investments? The aim is to understand how sport can be integrated physically in cities and urban environments, to give an overview of inspiring examples, and to elucidate the spatial and programmatic relation of the sport facilities with their direct surroundings. What can be learned from successful examples? What is spatially possible? What are the organisational aspects essential for this purpose? How to apply the results to new and renewal projects?

In five European cities, a numerous amount of sport projects were analysed on spatial, programmatically and organisational aspects (Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Porto and Valencia). These cities represent a range of different sport typologies and spatial solutions. All cities have a distinguish sport policy at the municipal level, which defines conditions for sport projects. All sport examples were visited and analysed on the spot, where sport experts and/or persons linked to local sports services were interviewed to research the background and policy framework. Simultaneously, literature study was performed on all specific sport examples, as well on the sport policy of each city.

Lessons from various sport projects were translated into a design and planning toolbox. This toolbox can be used to improve the existing situation or for new assignments (design and policy) where the main goal is to integrate sport physical and programmatic with its urban environment.




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Project: design, research | Client: Stimuleringsfonds voor Architectuur Rotterdam, Dienst Ruimtelijke Ordening Amsterdam | Team: in collaboration with Vincent Kompier | Year: 2009-2013