Monte Pedral, Porto


After more than a century, the military area of Monte Pedral in Porto will become soon accessible for all citizens and visitors of Porto. Our competition proposal for the 2,5ha. site consisted of the following parts: 1) an open and attractive public space that is based on pedestrian movements that maximize its direct connections with all the streets around, 2) an introduction of a new meeting place/square for this part on Porto, 3) a variety of housing types (T1, T2, T3, T4, lotes, etc.) inspired on the small grain and existing diversity of building types in the surroundings, and 4) a mix of several other programmes as a cultural and sport centre, a kindergarden, some shops and several working units. Another main idea of the proposal, to provide a solid base to incorporate flexibility and adaptation in time, is the integration of different scales of building typologies and a fine grain ownership structure into the urban plan.

Project: design, planning | Client: Porto municipality | Team: in collaboration with BAAU | Year: 2019 | Competition: special mention