the Future Design of Streets


Streets are important spaces in urban areas and form resilient collective spaces for all of us. Now and tomorrow. Within the balance of new societal, sustainable and technological challenges and demands, street design must be redefined. In five sessions ´the Future Design of Streets´ was explored by various speakers from different urban territories. What are possible new strategies for street design? Who is using the street space? What are new requirements? And, how can we design to improve streets?




Third edition – 2022

Webinar series – 2 FEBRUARY / 2 MARCH 17.00-18.30 (GMT) and 6 APRIL, 4 MAY, 1 JUNE 17.00-18.30 (GMT+1)

Session 1 – Active street – Annemieke Molster, Rene Kural, Daniel Yabar
Session 2 – Liveable streets – Silvia Cassoran, Giulia Sicignano, Mário Alves
Session 3 – Transforming (infa) structures – Milène Deneubourg, Vojtěch Benedikt, João Rafael Santos
Session 4 – Tech space – Catarina Selada, Dan Hill, Robert Martin
Session 5 – Learning from yesterday – Vitor Oliveira, Conrad Kickert, Andreia Garcia


Second edition – 2021

Webinar series – 5, 12, 19, 26 MAY 17-00-18.30h and 2 JUNE 18.00-19.30h.

Session 1 – Design! about design tools, flexibility & resiliency – Jocye van den Berg, Frederico Sá, Stefan Signer
Session 2 – Sun & Rain! adaptation to climate change – Marta Labastide, Sanda Lenzholzer, Jan Benden
Session 3 – Let´s meet! activities & social places – Andres Sevtsuk, Juan Carlos Romero, Aat Vos
Session 4 – Plan it! planning the right conditions – Pedro Homem de Gouveia, Maarten van Acker, Paul Lecroart
Session 5 – Play! streets for young & old – Natalia Krysiak, Patrizia Di Monte, Martin Arfalk


First edition – 2020

Webinar series – 27 MAY, 3 and 17 JUNE, 1 and 8 JULY 17.00-19.00h

Session 1 – Ring, Ring! Bike streets, stree design for bike movements – Antonio Pedro Figueiredo, Dirk van Pijpe
Session 2 – Be involved! Lively streets, the importance of good plinths – Robert Mantho, Hans Karssenberg, João Machado
Session 3 – Let´s do it! Friendly streets, the impact of temporary uses – Evelina Ozola, José Luis Gisbert, José Carlos Mota
Session 4 – Go natural! Eco streets, about ecology and climate change – Paulo Farinha Marques, Maria Manuel Oliveira
Session 5 – Go walking! Walking streets, for all – Francesc Magringyà, David Vale



Daniel Casas Valle – project leader, progam cordination, moderation | Ivo Oliveira – organisation, funding | Bruno Moreira – webdesign & webdevelopment | Teresa Correia – communication, live streaming

Escola Superior Gallaecia, Vila Nova de Cerveira
Escola da Arquitetura, Universidade do Minho, Guimarães
Research group Morfologias e Dinâmicas do Território, Centro de Estudos de Arquitectura e Urbanismo, Faculdade de Arquitetura, Universidade do Porto



Project: reflection, research | Team: Daniel Casas Valle, Ivo Oliveira, Bruno Moreira, Teresa Correia | Year: first edition 2020; second edition 2021; third edition 2022 | Webinar