Utrechtse Brug


Amsterdam is booming. The actual dynamics demands smart planning at all levels. Besides ambitious challenges on planning topics as housing, working and mobility, there is also the need for more and better spaces to move, sport and play. The municipality searches to discover new opportunities within the exiting urban areas that can provide more ´active and healthy spaces´. One promising site is the area around and below the Utrechtse Brug (Utrecht bridge).

Urban Dynamics explored the spatial and programmatic possibilities of this space. Two scenarios were mapped and illustrated: one with a temporary use and the other with a permanent character. Both scenarios show different solutions of new uses under the bridge, introducing ´social eyes´ and ´activities´ around a walking and biking path, activating the water side and improving the Martin Luther King Park (inside ~ outside programmes, enforcing the relation between the northern and southern parts). A technical complex aspect, was to include for both scenarios the guarantee of an independent construction of the existing bridge and to assure enough space for the regular maintenances needs.


Project: urban study | Client: Sport & Bos, Amsterdam municipality | Year: 2018